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Johannes Malfatti is a composer based in Berlin. He graduated from Germany’s Film and Television School HFF “Konrad Wolf” in the Sound for Audio-Visual Media Program (Tonmeister für Audio-visuelle Medien).

In his solo work, he focuses on contemporary and experimental techniques, often combining acoustical and electronic elements to create rich and slowly moving sonic environments.

His diverse work for film, television, theatre and music projects ranges in style from electronic music to orchestral composition.

His collaborations include artists, musicians and choreographers such as Octet, Cat Power, Björk, Hauschka, The Twighlight Sad, Dominique A, Simone  Kermes, Barockorchester  Elbipolis, Nadja Zwiener,   Elfa Rún Kristinsdottir, Ömer Avci, François Sarhan, Kobie van Rensburg, Arno Coenen, Pfadfinderei, Christoph Winkler, Zafraan Ensemble, Laurie Young, Grayson Millwood, Jared Gradinger, Angela Schubot, Rainer Strecker, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Ulu Braun, Candice Breitz, Jim Rakete and Gerhard Falkner.

He has worked with film directors such as Yung Chang, Maxime Giroux, Lucian Georgescu, Guy Édoin, German Gutierrez, Carmen Garcia, Ciril Braem, Lixin Fan, Mo Asumang and Fabian Möhrke among others.

His clients include:  National Film Board of Canda NFB, CBC, Arte, ZDF, Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg RBB, Kinderkanal KIKA, National Geographic, Royal Bank of Canada, Ford, Bayer Nissan, amp, Rewe, Linde, Kaefer, Radialsystem, Sasha Waltz and guests, Craftwork, Here, BBVA, Sven Schrader, Lovestone Film, Konterfei among others.

Awards and nominations

Film <The Great Darkened Days>(2018) by Maxime Giroux
-nominated for Best Music at the 2019 Quebec Prix Iris
-awarded Best Supporting actress (Sarah Gordon),
Best Cinematography (Sara Mishara), Best Art Direction (Patricia McNeil),
Best Sound Editing (Frederic Cloutier) at the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards.

Film <A time to Swim>(2017) by Ashley Duong
-awarded Best Canadian Feature at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2017

Sound design_The music for <Linde’s Fascinating Gases>
-awarded the Red Dot: Grand Prix 2014

Film <Millionen>(2014) by Fabian Möhrke
-Best Fiction Film @ new berlin film award (Achtung Berlin) and received an Honorary Mention @ Hofer Filmtage

Film <The Phantom Father>(2012) by Lucian Georgescu
-nominated for Best Original Music at the 13th Romanian Movie Awards

Film <The Fruit Hunters>(2012) by Yung Chang
-awarded the Grand Prize at the 30th International Environmental Film Festival in Paris

Film <Tipping Point: The Age of the OIl Sands>(2011) by Tom Radford and Niobe Thompson
-Best director, Best screenwriter, Best editing at the 37th Annual Alberta Film and Television Awards.

Film <Mein Prinz, mein König>(2011) by Ciril Tscheligi
-Best sound design and music” at the Filmkunstfest Schwerin.

Film <Up the Yangtze>(2008) by Yung Chang
-numerous awards and nominations at festivals such as Sundance, Vancouver, San Francisco, River Run, Amsterdam and Golden horse.

Film <Roots Germania>(2010) by Mo Asumang
-nominated for the German television prize “Grimme Preis 2008“ in the category „Information and culture“

Album_ Chlorgeschlecht <Unyoga>
-Honorary Mention at Ars Elektronika Linz, Austria in 2004

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